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My Curated Divi Resource List

My Curated Divi Resource List

Iam a big fan of the Divi theme/platform and the community that surrounds this popular WordPress theme.  There are so many sites dedicated to helping us with web designing using Divi theme.  Therefore I’ve curated my own list of Divi resources that I’d like to share with you.  I purposely didn’t include the Elegant Theme site in the list as it’s very obvious.  This list is not ranked in any order & will most likely keep getting longer:

  • divisoup.com– This is by Michelle Nunan out in the UK and her site is full of tutorials that are unique and very easy to follow.

  • quiroz.co/divi-tutorials– This is by Geno Quiroz in California and his site is chock full of tutorials that are so useful.  He’s definitely a CSS Ninja.

  • diviguide.com/guides – This site is by a divi expert named Mike Brady who sells lots of layouts but some of his tutorials are awesome too.

  • elegantmarketplace.com/knowledgebase/– This site is more of an e-commerce site selling a lot of Divi related 3rd party products like layouts, child themes, plugins, etc.  Nonetheless this particular page has its own curated guides that are awesome too.

  • facebook.com/groups/DiviThemeUsers/ – This FB group is actually owned by elegantmarketplace but it is such an amazing group of helpful Divi users who can act as a forum for technical help if the Elegant Themes support staff cannot help you for any reason. 

  • divi4u.com – This site is created by Luis Alejandre who gives away a plugin that creates a child theme for Divi all for free.  He’s super awesome in my opinion.

  • agirlandhermac.design/tuts-y-mas/ – This site has a few great tutorials too.  Very stylish web expert IMHO.

  • thedesignspace.co/blog/ – This site is created by Melissa Love who blogs for Elegant Themes once in a while.  She gives more general advice on WordPress in general but nonetheless useful stuff. 

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