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Service Level Agreement – WordPress Podcast Blog

Client: Dr. Dhru Beeharilal

This digital marketing agreement has been entered between Dr. Dhru Beeharilal and Tiga Design for the scope of Podcast blog page creation for NayanLeadership.com WordPress site.  

Exact deliverable shall be the following:

Tiga Design will modify the client’s current blog page to showcase podcasts from the client’s SimpleCast platform.

-Once setup is completed, the page will automatically show the recently released podcast episode from the podcast platform to client’s website within 2-3 hours.

-Testing will be done during new podcast release periods to ensure auto -update feature is functional.

Notes & Limitations:

-the created Podcast Blog page will follow the current design theme and layout without additional coding for visual/aesthetic customization.   Any revisions requested from the created Podcast Blog page may incur additional cost.

-We will use our preferred and proven app and plugins to create this Podcast blog page with its associated basic features.  If additional features are required, there will be additional costs incurred and potentially recurring costs.


Start Date & Duration

Start date will be after the first podcast has been published sometime within 2nd week of September 2023.


Payment 1: US$ 200 before start of scope.

Payment 2: US$ 200 after scope execution


100% money back guarantee if the automatic podcast listing does not work after first 3 podcast publications.

Client Terms

Client agrees to provide necessary WordPress backend access credentials to allow us to make any necessary installations.


If legal proceedings shall occur for any reason regarding this digital marketing agreement the party prevailing shall have all costs, and fees in connection with that proceeding covered by opposite party.


If any terms are found unenforceable in this contract all other terms shall remain in full effect and shall not be altered unless previously agreed between parties. This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the Province of Alberta, Canada, contract laws. Any and all court proceedings regarding this digital marketing agreement will take place at said province with travel expenses not being reimbursed for either party.