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Service Level Agreement – Review/Reputation Management

Client: Tracy Barker                                     Date: Oct. 1, 2023

This digital marketing agreement has been entered into between Tracy Barker and Tiga Design for Review Management Plan starting from Oct. 1 for a period of 1 month for this scope of service.

Scope involves the activities of requesting reviews from Ms. Barkers’ customers that had positive business interaction. The reviews will be for Ms. Barker’s Google Business Profile.  This scope will be for requesting reviews to up to 75 of Ms. Barker’s customers.



Service is $300 plus GST paid at the beginning of the period.  Tiga design prefers to be paid up front for the start of the scope via E-transfer  however credit card payment can be processed with an extra 5% of payment gateway fees.


Client Terms

Ms. Barker’s has to provide Tiga Design with list of customers’ names and email addresses in order for this plan to execute.



If legal proceedings shall occur for any reason regarding this digital marketing agreement the party prevailing shall have all costs, and fees in connection with that proceeding covered by opposite party.



If any terms are found unenforceable in this contract all other terms shall remain in full effect and shall not be altered unless previously agreed between parties. This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the Province of Alberta contract laws. Any and all court proceedings regarding this digital marketing agreement will take place at said province with travel expenses not being reimbursed for either party.