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Wix Weebly Cost Canada 2017

Wix Weebly Cost in Canada for 2017

In this post, I will show you the true cost to have a new website built using Wix & Weebly as these two site building platforms are very popular in mainstream website culture.  In the same vein as the previous post about the self-managed hosting package true costs, we shall make some assumptions below.  As you will notice, it’s not as obvious as looking at the pricing table of each platform, especially for us living north of the 49th parallel.  

I am not really comparing the technical pros and cons of both Weebly & Wix.  I’m strictly analyzing the starting costs to have a website from these platforms as Canadians, so keep this in mind.  If you want to read about other detailed comparison between Wix vs Weebly here is one article I recommend.


  • The pricing will be based on having a 2 year plan (subscription) with both platforms

  • Subscription plan chosen shall be the middle ground plans for both platforms.

  • We will require the cost of having an email address that has the chosen domain for the 2 year term (1 inbox only). No other extra features will be taken.

  • We assume that one chooses an available domain address that comes free with opening a new account with both website platforms.  We are not paying extra for coveted domain URL (for example: popular.com)

  • We will use a starting point of CAD $500 as the cost of the website design process.  This is realistic even if you yourself create the website from scratch.  Isn’t your time still worth something.  At the same time take this $500 cost with a grain of salt too depending on your design requirement.   

  • We shall use US$ 1.00 = CAD$ 1.333 exchange rate as of January 2017.

    So take a peek at the bottom 3 subscription plans from Weebly below and we shall pick the “Pro” plan.  Luckily Weebly already show the pricing in Canadian dollars.  

Weebly Plan Pricing Canadian dollars

Now look at Wix plan pricing and we shall pick the “Unlimited” plan as this is comparable to the above plan.  Note that Wix’s pricing is in US dollars. 

Wix pricing US dollars

Now before we equalize this in a nice table, let’s add the extra email address cost from both platforms.  Oh yes email addresses are definitely extra to all plans.  Luckily both Weebly & Wix uses Goggle’s G-Suite mailbox cloud platforms so their pricing is identical to each other.  The cost for one mailbox is US $ 4.08/ month.  We are using the exchange rate of  US$ 1.00 = CAD$ 1.33.

Note: if viewing these tables from mobile, view them horizontally for clarity.

Weebly Pro Plan for 2 years->

Plus G-Suite Email account (1 inbox) for 2 years

Subtotal for Weebly Pro 2 years

Initial (Default) Web Design Cost

TRUE Total

CAD $ 336.00

+ CAD $ 130.23

 = CAD $ 466.23

+ CAD$ 500.00

= CAD$ 966.00


Wix Unlimited Plan for 2 years->

Plus G-Suite Email account (1 inbox) for 2 years

Subtotal for Wix Unlimited 2 years

Initial (Default) Web Design Cost

TRUE Total

CAD $ 396.45

+ CAD $ 130.23

= CAD $ 526.68

+ CAD$ 500.00

= CAD$ 1,026.68


So in conclusion, the true cost in Canadian dollars between Wix and Weebly is about CAD$ 60.45 within 2 years.  Note that with this type of managed platforms, hosting and domain is entirely managed by the respective companies. So I can see the appeal for not worrying about backups, updates, plugin conflicts etc. However there also drawbacks to these types of website platforms and that’s beyond the scope of this post.  

One drawback I will highlight, both plans above does not come with an SSL Certificate.  In fact as of writing this post only Weebly offers SSL Certificate for the higher tier plan.  Wix doesn’t even offer this.  Don’t take my word for this though. See the screenshot below.  Because of this huge drawback, I would highly consider Weebly for the win.   Anyway hope this post was helpful.


Wix no SSL certificate

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